New error messages are live

Friday, March 09, 2007 at 12:26 PM

By Kasumi Widner, Google Base Support

Maybe you are one of the lucky people who saw the green "Success" message on your very first attempt at sending us a bulk upload. If you're not, I'm sure you've seen some of our error messages on your dashboard and thought "Huh, what do you mean??" We know this can be a frustrating process, and we've spent time rewriting some of the most common error messages so that they're clearer and more actionable. For example, here are some of the revised messages:

Old message
New message
Bulk upload failed. No items are live. There are too many formatting errors in your file.
Unrecognized header
We didn't understand the header (first) row of your file. Please make sure that there is one attribute name for each column and that you are using valid attribute names.
Invalid price
Price must be greater than zero (0) or left blank.
Attribute was incorrectly specified
This attribute was not correctly defined. Please check the formatting in the header (first) row.

These messages will be accompanied by Google Base Help Center links that include more detailed information. We will continue reviewing existing error messages and making improvements as necessary. If you see any messages that are unclear or have an idea on how we make a particular error message more infomative, please feel free to share your ideas at the Google Base Help Discussion group.