Linking Your Checkout and Base Accounts

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 at 9:59 AM

As we announced on July 30th, we're retiring the "One at a time" upload option on Google Base today. If you've been using the "One at a time" upload option, we recommend submitting through a data feed, which allows you to submit single or multiple items quickly and easily. For those providers who want Google to host a page for their item - for example, if you don't have a website - just submit your data feed without anything in the "link" attribute, and we'll create a Google Base page for your item.

For those users who are interested in selling items hosted on Google pages, we're making it easier to link your Google Base account to Google Checkout, our payment processing solution. When you sign in today, you'll notice a new page in your "Settings" tab called "Checkout." If there's a Checkout account linked to your Base account already, you'll see it listed on this page. If you're not already linked to a Checkout account, or want to add a different account, you'll be able to do that by entering the Checkout Merchant ID. Any Checkout accounts added in this manner will need to be verified in Google Checkout, so your payments information is secure. We hope you find this expanded functionality useful.