Spotlight on a Support Team Member: Jessica Behling

Friday, March 23, 2007 at 6:40 PM

By Jessica Behling, Google Base Support

Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm quickly approaching my one year anniversary with the Google Base team. A few days before I started with Google, I drove across half the country with my sister, two cats, and anything I could cram into the leftover space in my car. I've spent most of my life in Wisconsin and was more than happy to leave the snow behind! Outside of work, one of my favorite things to do is eat Korean food with a group of Googlers known as the Korean Food Club. When I'm not trying new food, you can find me visiting San Francisco, going to the movies, or relaxing and reading new books.

As part of the Google Base team, I spend a lot of time answering your email. Whether you have a question about how to get started with Google Base or about your file, I'm always happy to help. I enjoy helping our providers learn as much as they can about Google Base. In addition to answering emails, I also help create articles for the Google Base Help Center.

We're continually working to make the Help Center better, too. One new feature is Help Discussion Group results, a section of relevant Group articles that appears when you use the Help Center search box. Look for the Group results below the relevant Help Center search results, as they'll guide you to other Google Base users discussing the topic you've searched.

And when you have some time, visit the Google Base Help Discussion Group to find answers from people who have asked the same question. You can also help fellow users by posting answers to questions. Looking for a tip? When creating your bulk upload file, put yourself in your users' shoes: what type of information would be important if you were searching for a product? Information that adds value and will help match your items to a user's search query is exactly the sort of thing you should include in a relevant attribute in your bulk upload. For example, if you're submitting a "products" bulk upload, there are many additional attributes you can include based on your specific product type. If you're submitting your books, you could also include "author" and "genre" (just to name two) to the basic attributes.