New Attribute Recommender for single items posts

Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 5:42 PM

By Deepak Lachwani, Software Engineer

Earlier this year we introduced a rich text editor for one-at-a-time item posting. This feature helped you create more visually appealing item pages on Google Base. Now we want to help you include attributes so that visitors can find your items more effectively. We are happy to introduce an Attribute Recommender in our latest update.

Here's how the Attribute Recommender works. First, you select your item type. We'll pre-populate the form on the next page with a few of our defined attributes, and list other attributes on the right-hand side of the posting form. You simply click on an attribute in the list and we'll add it to the form. Finally, just go ahead and add your value. That's it!

The Recommender will help you avoid creating custom attributes in cases where pre-defined, more commonly used attributes already exist. It will also encourage standardization across attributes that are included in Google Base, making items easier for searchers to find.