Uploading corrected bulk upload files

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 9:15 AM

By Naureen Kabir, Google Base Support

Ever been frustrated with having to wait an hour before being able to upload your file to Google Base? Worry no more -- the wait is over! We updated our system to handle more frequent file uploads. If you've uploaded a file that returns errors once it's processed, you can upload it again immediately after making corrections. For example, if the file status in your account dashboard displays messages such as "Failure," "Disapproved," or "Bulk upload contains some errors," you can make corrections to your bulk upload and submit it again without having to wait an hour. This applies to uploads via both FTP and the Google Base web interface.

However, if your file processes successfully -- i.e., the file status in your dashboard says "Success" -- you'll have to wait an hour before you can upload an updated file.