Data Quality tab now available for merchants in the UK and Germany

Monday, March 30, 2009 at 9:38 PM

Since we launched the Data Quality tab in Google Base accounts a few months ago, merchants in the US have been able to get customized suggestions for improving the quality of their data submissions. Today, we're excited to announce that the Data Quality tab is now available to all merchants in Germany and the UK.

On the Data Quality tab, you can find a number of recommendations that will help you with submitting higher quality data to Google Product Search. This means submitting accurate, up-to-date product information in the form of attributes, as well as abiding by best practices for formatting these attributes. For example, you can find recommendations on the length of your titles and descriptions, or get a snapshot of the number of items in your account that are missing key attributes like EAN, UPC, and ISBN. By including attributes like EAN, UPC, and ISBN, you're providing more information to help us include your products on Google Product Search product pages, which shoppers utilize to determine which merchant to buy from when multiple stores are selling the same product. Addressing the issues listed on your Data Quality tab will go a long way in improving the quality of your product data and help more shoppers find your products.

We hope that you'll find these recommendations helpful, and that they will help you make the most of the spring selling season.

Posted by: Dom Widdows, Software Engineer, and Travis Keep, Software Engineer