Some of the season's top searches on Google Product Search

Monday, December 01, 2008 at 10:31 AM

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Now that it's Cyber Monday and online shopping is in full swing, we've put together some of the top searches on Google Product Search to help shoppers find popular gifts for their family and friends. We pored over millions of recent queries to find some of the most searched for products this holiday.

Here are some of the top searches we found:
1. nintendo wii
2. wii fit
3. ipod touch
4. xbox 360
5. nintendo ds
6. ipod nano
7. uggs
8. nikon d90
9. zune
10. digital picture frame

We also took a look at the top searches in a few other categories, such as Video Games & Toys and Cold Weather apparel. Here are some of the top searches in the Cold Weather apparel category:
1. pea coat
2. north face jacket
3. sweater dress
4. sweater boots
5. leather jacket
6. christmas sweater
7. ugly christmas sweater
8. houndstooth coat
9. burton jacket
10. dog sweater

Explore a full list of these popular searches on the Google Holiday Shopping page. We hope that these lists will help shoppers put together their gift lists and find their favorite products on Google Product Search, as well as connect them to the merchants who are selling these items. Happy Cyber Monday, and happy shopping!

To read more about how Google is celebrating the holidays with shoppers, take a look at the Official Google Blog.