Stand out with Google Maps

Monday, January 22, 2007 at 3:30 PM

By Daniel Zweifach, Google coupons team

Many of you have physical storefronts for your businesses in addition to your websites. If you do, you know that coupons can be a good way to get new customers through your doors. And now, you can display printable coupons on Google Maps--it's totally free and very easy to set up. (Currently this feature is available only in the U.S.)

Here's how it works: Potential customers search Google Maps for your business. They might use your business name or your business category (like "plumbers in Dallas"). They'll see your business listing on Google Maps. If you've added a coupon to your listing, they'll also see a special coupons link. They can view the coupon, print it and bring it into your store. Bottom line: adding coupons can help you get noticed on Google Maps and bring more customers to your business. And did we mention it's free?

The coupons feature is just one aspect of the Local Business Center, where you can add, edit or remove your business information from Google Maps. Once you've signed in to the Local Business Center and identified your business locations, visit the "Coupons" tab to create your coupons. It takes just a few minutes to write your coupons (no technical knowledge required). As long as we're able to verify your business location, your new coupons will be online within a day.