It takes a Group to raise a product

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 3:36 PM

By John McKeeman, Google Base Support

If you've stopped by the Google Base Help Discussion Group, chances are you've seen a post or two from me. If you frequent the Group, you may know me by now as the "Google Base Guide" or, more casually, "The Google Base Guy." Every day I check in on the Group for signs of any new issues, questions that need a closer look, or just to post an idea or give a product update. When I noticed that our Group was most often the place where any bug reports or uploading issues were identified, I created an ongoing thread that gives you the status of our bulk upload processing system. If you ever encounter an issue while uploading your data to us, this thread is a good place to check for up-to-date information on the status of our system. And in our "Common Roadblocks" category, you can find updates on any ongoing issues, some formatting tips for bulk upload files, and the answers to some of our most commonly- asked questions.

We made some strong strides in this Group last year, and in 2007, we want to gain even more momentum in making this community as useful and informative as possible. This is where you, our content providers and users, come in. Want more frequent updates on issues or bugs? Interested in learning about new features or products that Google Base has integrated with? I'm open to any and all suggestions, so please post your thoughts here. I'll try to personally respond to as many posts as I can, so let me know how I can make this community as efficient and beneficial as possible.