Google Base Store Connector Updates

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 9:56 AM

By Patrick Williams, Engineering Manager

We're continuing to refine the Google Base Store Connector utility for all you online sellers. Here are some of the things we've just added:

* More support for eBay customized stores
* Single connection support for merchants who have multiple Yahoo! stores
* Ability to include more item attributes
* Improved retry logic (when retries occur due to timeouts and failed attribute processing)
* Automatic prompts to update Store Connector when upgrades are available
* Improvements to speed and robustness

So if you've previously tried Google Base Store Connector and ran into a problem in one of the areas listed above, we encourage you to try it again. And if you're an eBay, Amazon, or Yahoo! store owner who hasn't tried it, but you want Google users find your items, get started with the latest Google Base Store Connector.