New API features: Sorting feeds and Reporting

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 at 5:22 PM

By Daniel Danciu, Software Engineer

Since releasing the Google Base data API back in August we've received many feature requests from developers. Most often, they have asked for functionality for sorting feeds, and so we've added it to the latest version of the API.

It's now possible to customize the order of items in query feeds via two URL parameters: "orderby" and "sortorder." Parameter "orderby" determines the criteria that is used for ordering items (e.g. by relevancy, by the last modification time, by the value of a numerical attribute, etc.). The "sortorder" parameter specifies whether items are returned in ascending or descending order.

We've also added support for reporting; you can now get information about the number of clicks, impressions, and page views in your items via the URL parameter "content."

Finally, the new parameter "dry-run" facilitates the development of applications that are uploading content to Google Base. If this parameter is set to true for an insert, update or delete operation, the API will process the request, but not commit changes to Google Base.

Here are details about the new Sorting and Reporting features.