New Google Base Store Connector

Monday, October 02, 2006 at 10:34 AM

By Patrick Williams, Engineering Manager

Using the new Google Base data API, we've created a utility that enables online sellers to connect their eBay Stores, Amazon zShops and Marketplaces, and Yahoo! Stores to Google Base so searchers can find their items for sale on Google. Called Google Base Store Connector, this utility will help online sellers drive more traffic to items without the trouble of manually re-entering inventory on Google Base. Items that come through Google Base Store Connector always link back to the original web site (eBay, Amazon, or Yahoo!) when they appear in Google search results.

In addition to item titles, images, and descriptions, Google Base Store Connector copies any available attribute information (like size, color, and brand) to Google Base so that Google users can refine their search and find your item faster. So if you're a store owner and want to help Google searchers find your items for sale, get started with Google Base Store Connector.