New Google Base data API

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 4:40 PM

By Matthias Zenger, Software Engineer

Today we're releasing the Google Base data API with which you can write applications that dynamically interact with Google Base. You can upload, edit and delete items, as well as query data to create mash-ups combining Google Base content with other services. It's a ReST-full API, based on the GData protocol.

Check out the demo to see the possible uses, and to get you started in building your own client application.

The Google Base API is designed for developers who would like to integrate their applications with Google Base. Due to the nature of the Google Base API, developers should have technical know-how and experience programming applications. If you're a casual user of Google Base and would like to add a few items at a time, we suggest you do this using existing submission methods: single-item postings and bulk uploads.