What's up with labels?

Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 4:44 PM

By Clint G. from Google Base Operations

Labels are keywords or phrases that represent your item. For example, labels such as livestock, fibre and huacaya can be used to represent an article on raising alpacas.

Using random words from your description, including variations of item names, and reusing attribute values as labels is not generally recommended. Instead, focus on providing 10 labels that you feel will make it easier for users to find your item.

For example, here are some good labels that can be included for the listing of a large comic book collection.

Labels: Captain America, Superman, DC comics, Marvel, graphic novel, super heroes

So how should you use labels? Use them in combination with attributes to identify refined queries for searches performed on Google Base. If a user enters search terms matching either the content of your item or the labels you assigned in Google Base, your item will appear. By defining your labels purposely, you can easily expand the potential audience for your content.