Updating our attribute requirements for submitting products

Thursday, May 01, 2008 at 9:18 AM

Posted by Jessica Ng, Product Marketing Manager

If you're a Google Product Search provider, you've always known that we classify our attributes into three categories: "required," "recommended," and "optional." We've recently updated the list of attributes in each category to make it easier for providers to submit their product information and prioritize the attributes relevant to their products. Here is an updated list of attribute requirements, along with some information on what the categories mean.

Required attributes are attributes that you're, well, required to include for all your items. We won't be able to process and approve items in your feed that are missing required attributes. The following is a list of required attributes:


Recommended attributes are ones that we strongly recommend including for your data feeds, and we consider them as important as required attributes. However, we realize that not all providers and items have this information available; therefore, if your feed contains items without this information, we will still process them, but it will be more difficult to ensure that they appear for relevant search queries. The following is a list of recommended attributes:


All other attributes are optional attributes. Optional attributes give you more ways to describe your items and additionally help shoppers find your products.

We hope that this update will make it easier for you to create data feeds and prioritize the time spent on them. For more information on these attributes, you can visit our feed guidelines here. Also, keep your eyes out for status messages on the data feeds dashboard that will provide additional guidance on the attributes we're recommending for your items.

To see attribute requirements for submitting item types other than Products, please visit the data feed overview in the Help Center.