Bulk uploads and error messaging

Friday, April 14, 2006 at 10:00 AM

by Steven De La O, Google Base Operations

A common request we receive is to improve error messaging so that it's easier to troubleshoot bulk upload formatting issues. We're working to increase the variety of errors we display, and we're also creating additional documentation to help you resolve these issues more quickly. Next week we'll release a couple of updates:

- Error messages for invalid locations found in bulk upload files will be visible.
- The maximum number of errors we display will increase from 25 to 100.

We'll address error reporting for XML files too, by providing more details and improved instructions for resolving common problems with these types of files.

Submitting large amounts of data using well-formatted and error-free bulk upload files makes updating your items an easy process. We're confident the changes coming soon will make submitting data less of a headache.