Bulk uploads and subdomains

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 2:33 PM

By Steven De La O, Google Base Operations

One major sticking point for folks attempting to submit data to Google Base via bulk uploads has been fixed in our latest update.

Registering a URL in account settings is a requirement for submitting bulk upload files. Till recently, many people were prohibited from registering URLs that included subdomains. One example of a subdomain is http://groups.google.com/. If you registered http://groups.google.com/base-help-discussion/, nobody else could register a URL that included that subdomain. For example, http://groups.google.com/Froogle-Merchants/ could not be registered for another account even though it points to a different page.

This was a major hitch that ultimately prevented many people from submitting their files, including those who have online stores with the same subdomains. This should no longer be a problem, and we are looking forward to receiving data that may have been affected by this issue till now.