Finding your audience

Thursday, December 15, 2005 at 10:04 PM

By Roshan V., Google Base Operations

Google Base enables you to post content for others to find easily, but how can you ensure that your intended audience finds your pho recipe, Toyota MR2 for sale, or your San Francisco apartment rental? We've previously discussed the importance of labels used in conjunction with full descriptions to help your audience find your item, but what makes the difference between an item that a user passes over and one that attracts interest?

Making your item look good to a user attracts interest, and can be done easily with a few steps:

- Check your spelling and grammar. Who is going to follow a pho recipe that misspells "oxtail"? Correct spelling and grammar help your item to be understood by a wide audience, and won't distract from the substance. Speaking of distractions...

- Avoid repetitive text and excessive capitalization. That apartment may have a great view, but writing "GREAT VIEW" followed by seven
exclamation points doesn't convey any new information. Instead, include images with your item. It is a lot easier to picture that MR2 you have for sale when there's actually an image along with your description.

Check out our Help Center for even more formatting tips so your items can be published quickly and effectively reach the right audience.