Getting off first base

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 1:13 PM

By Bindu Reddy, Product Marketing Manager, Google Base

Two weeks after launching Google Base, things are still very hectic around here. We're learning from user feedback and working on improvements. What better time to inaugurate the Google Base blog and say hello? This is a place where we'll showcase interesting additions, announce updates, and answer some of your questions. (You might want to add it to your Google Reader.)

Even early on, we're very excited to see some interesting content appear, including links to satellite maps that have already been posted. My favorite queries over the past couple of days have been:

Events in san francisco
Cake recipes

We are experimenting with a navigation scheme that uses labels and attributes that help you easily perform searches such as [beef curry recipes that take less than 15 minutes] or [events happening this week in new york]. We will be tweaking this interface to try and improve it so we really appreciate getting your suggestions and feedback.

We also want to show you some of what's in Google Base on other Google properties. For example, we just announced a feature on Froogle that allows shoppers to search locally. Besides searching for deals from online merchants, now you can search across the inventory of nearby brick and mortar stores and see the results overlaid on a map. To see this at work, check out these queries:

diamond ring in minnetonka, MN
ford mustang oklahoma city

I'm sure you can think of some yourself.