Setting custom expiry dates

Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 2:34 PM

By Denise Gamboa, Associate Product Marketing Manager

We just rolled out a new feature that helps to ensure the content on Google Base is as fresh as possible. From now on, when you upload an item (either via a bulk upload or through the web form), we will set an appropriate expiry date for it. If you set your own date that isn't later than ours (for example, you set 1 week for a housing item, compared with our date 2 weeks out), we will honor your setting. However, anything later than our default settings will automatically revert to these custom dates below. There's more here on how to change expiry dates. And be sure to make note of these so that you can easily create upload schedules!

Jobs - 7 days
Travel Packages - 7 days
Events - 14 days
Housing - 14 days
Wanted ads - 15 days
People profiles - 30 days
Products - 30 days
Services - 30 days
Vehicles - 30 days
News and articles - don't expire
Podcasts - don't expire
Recipes - don't expire
Reference articles - don't expire
Reviews - don't expire