Preventing common errors in Google Maps bulk uploads

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 9:47 AM

By Jen Peng, Google Base Operations

Among the many item types that you can submit to Google Base, we often see the same errors occur for bulk uploading of Google Maps business locations. Here are some of the most common errors, and ways to prevent them:

Upload 10 or more locations
To use the Google Maps business locations bulk upload feature, you must submit a minimum of 10 unique locations. If you have less than 10, please submit your information as individual items through the Google Local Business Center.

Submit in tab-delimited text format
Even though Google Base supports other formats for other item types, business location bulk uploads must be in tab-delimited text (.txt) to be recognized. Please refer to Step 4 of our tab-delimited bulk upload instructions for details on how to convert an Excel file to the proper format.

Select the correct item type
When specifying your bulk upload filename in your account, be sure to choose "Business locations" in the item type drop down. Creating a custom item type will prevent your locations from appearing in Google Maps.

Include all required attributes

To ensure that your business information appears properly, you need to include the following set of the attributes in your file: store_code, name, address_line_1, city, state, postal_code, country_code, main_phone. Please visit our formatting instructions for more details on each attribute.

And be sure to check out the Help Center for more formatting tips.