Casting call for our support team

Friday, July 28, 2006 at 7:26 PM

By Alison Bjerke, Google Base Operations

If you've ever needed help with a bulk upload, you may have corresponded with one of our dedicated Google Base Coordinators. Even if you haven't, you might not be surprised to know that there's a team working behind the scenes to address your concerns, answer your questions and provide extra support -- when you need it. We thought you might like to know a little bit more about us. Read on for a few quirky tidbits:

We asked some of our Coordinators what movies they would pick to represent their life. Janna, who started with us this summer, admitted an affinity for "Legally Blonde." See what some reviewers on Google Base have to say about that.

Jane, one of our bulk upload reviewers, picked "Stand By Me." If you're feeling nostalgic for this classic, it's available from several providers. And "Transformers" also got an honorable mention from Chad. Maybe Chad saw the Transformers breakdancing on Google Video.

And have you seen this test to determine which John Cusack character you are? Well, Philip chose John Cusack as his doppelganger in "Say Anything." And finally, Jose imagined John Malkovich in "The Definitely Bearable Heaviness of Being." Take that, Kundera.

We'll be adding more about our team in the future, so watch this space to see what we're up to.