Where's my stuff?

Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 10:18 AM

By Mike Perry, Online Operations Coordinator

Lately it seems there has been some confusion as to where your items will end up when you submit them to Google Base. Here's the skinny: you can certainly find your items in Google Base search results (which assures you they've been published live). But in order to draw searcher traffic, we also distribute your content to different Google search properties. So let's take a moment to talk about where standard item types appear now.

Product and vehicle item types will appear in Froogle search results as a rule, but in order to confirm a home for your data in Froogle, you will need to include values for all our required attributes. By submitting product/vehicle bulk uploads and including a value for the "location" attribute, you can also have your products included in Froogle Local search results, which provide product availability details for physical store locations in geographic locations . Learn more about the required attributes for products here.

Local business listings submitted to Google Base will appear on Google Maps. For example, a search for pizza in San Francisco on Google Maps returns locations and phone numbers for local pizzerias in the city. And when you submit your local business listing to us, either individually or in a bulk upload, it could also appear on Google Maps.

All other item types submitted using bulk upload files are eligible to run as an experiment that surfaces Google Base content in Google search results. And items such as recipes already appear as refinements in Google search results, because we think users ave a better experience when we enable them to refine their searches based on the attributes you provide.