Call for taxonomy leaders

Friday, April 28, 2006 at 4:20 PM

By Denise Gamboa, Associate Product Marketing Manager

A unique feature of Google Base is the ability to create custom attributes and item types. This gives you an opportunity to include relevant information, no matter how obscure, detailed or specialized it is, about the content you want to share. For those of you who are already submitting data through Google Base, you've probably noticed that we have a finite set of item types to choose from and that for each item type, we have a finite set of suggested attributes. Though you always have the ability to create your own, we'd still like to present relevant suggestions for each item type that we call out.

Because you're the experts in your fields, we'd like you to tell us about what item types you'd like to see in the 'Choose an existing item type:' drop-down on the post an item page. We'd also love to know what attributes you think are most important for each item type. For example, if you're a photographer with interesting photos to share, license or sell, let us know what attributes make the most sense for your industry. Should we include print size, licensing information, place, camera etc? Or, if you're a collector of African art, what details do you and other collectors think are important when you evaluate your wares? Let us know by posting to the Base forum or via email at We'd love to hear from you.