Thinking about information discovery

Friday, January 27, 2006 at 9:51 AM

By Bindu Reddy, Product Manager

The other day I realized that Google Base could evolve into an interesting tool for discovering content. Type in any query and you'll get a variety of item types which you then refine. The query [cancer] gives you clinical trials, reference articles and books, and the query [carrot cake] gives you recipes, products and even reviews.

Even more interesting are attributes within an item type. For example,

- browse job listings to learn that Ernst and Young has 62 job openings in San Francisco and 147 openings in New York
- there are more results for Chinese chicken recipes than there are Greek ones
- and way more protein receptors in mus musculus (a.k.a the common house mouse) than in e-coli (bacteria).

These are just a few interesting ways to browse and visualize semi-structured and structured data. Tell us how to do it in even more meaningful ways.