Google Base at CES

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 2:41 PM

By Denise Gamboa, Product Marketing Manager

If you attended CES in Las Vegas last week, you probably caught a glimpse of the Google booth. We were there conducting demos of Google Base along with a dozen or so other products.

Photograph taken by Shamim

Google booth - South Hall Las Vegas Convention Center

Photograph taken by Shamim

Google booth - robotic arm

Photograph taken by Denise

Bindu answering questions at Google Base station

Photograph taken by Shamim

Denise at Google Base station

Over four days (January 5th-8th) we met people from all sorts of different backgrounds: an exchange student from France, small business owners, real estate agents, professors, investors, reporters and webmasters. We found that Google Base is useful to people in different ways. Students are interested in sharing information about their classes, their work and their social lives. Business owners want to drive additional visibility to their websites and to the products/services that they want to sell. Webmasters want more traffic and are curious about integrated features that Google Base has to offer. In every case, it was exciting to meet our users and answer questions that you had.

Your favorite features and functionality:

1. Possible distribution to other Google properties like Google, Froogle and Google Local
2. It's free!
3. Attribute search
4. Ability to define your own attributes and keywords
5. Ability to bulk upload items
6. Ability to link to your own website
7. Email anonymization
8. Google maps integration

Top inquiries we received (linked to corresponding answers):

1. What is Google Base?
2. What type of information can I submit to Google Base?
3. Can I upload digital files?
4. Is it free? No way!
5. What if I have lots of things to share?
6. What are custom attributes?

Many people were also interested in hearing about coming features and future plans. Stay tuned to find out more about those! We have some exciting things lined up!