In the Spotlight: Solomodels

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 12:57 PM

By Denise Gamboa, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Among the recipes, course schedules and events that can be found on Google Base, we came across a service called Solomodels. It’s a web solution for models and photographers, created by a group of software engineers, graphic artists and flash programmers. This site incorporates Flash pages, private galleries, group discussions, and competitions to entertain searchers while driving exposure to its clients. We found it by searching on [fashion model].

Hoss Etemad from Solomodels talks a bit about their experience with Google Base:

“Our mission at Solomodels is to provide a one-stop solution for the fashion industry by bringing worldwide exposure to top models and photographers. The Google Base program, which we found through Google AdWords on, has allowed us to quickly and seamlessly publish thousands of member portfolios free of charge. By including related tags such as “fashion” and “modeling” as well as photos and geographical locations, anyone looking to hire a fashion model or photographer can quickly find them on Google Base with a simple search. If they need more information about a listed member, they just have to click their link to be taken to their complete portfolio on Solomodels. Publishing our member lists to Google Base has not only increased the traffic to our member portfolios, but also resulted in a number of members finding modeling and photography type work because of their listing.

We generated an XML file using the Google Base bulk uploads instructions for reference. Because the process is so simple and the exposure on Google so valuable, we plan on updating our content at least once a month.”